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Agatha Kronberg - Modern Artist 

Born in Vietnam, grew up in Switzerland, Van Hai lives actually in Laos, South East Asia since 2010.
He is a polymorphic artist. He takes us on a journey into the heart of emotion through images and sounds using diverse art forms such as photography, videography, plastic and graphic arts and writing. 


By binding various media, his work becomes indefinable, boundaries and categories are words that mean nothing to him. By taking the essence of his concepts and writing and transforming it into sensorial experiences, he manages to define complex feelings.


By making his own clips, photographic cuts and films, he creates atmospheres and installs emotion, just as all the Grand Masters have strived to do. He uses sound as an artist would use colors, letting just a hint of Asian kitsch wash with the colors of Latin tragedy while using brush strokes of Swiss precision, trying to make sense of all the crucial events and people that illustrate his life.


After having been in musical creation and more specifically electronic music, seeking to achieve more intimate emotions and feelings through sound, he turned towards the inner soul of image, striving to attain each individual in particular rather than please the crowds. The work of Van Hai is a one on one talking.

Contact Me

P.O Box 3027
Soi 15
Ban Sangwuey, Vientiane capital


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